Culver Academies: Aviation Summer Camp

Alphaflight LLC provides training and Discovery Flights for the Culver Summer Schools and Camps Aviation Program. Co-owners Dan Marohn and Ken Norris wish to welcome new and returning students and parents.

We bring a wealth of military, airline and civilian training to the program. Standardization and consistency are vital to the goal of bringing up the next generation of safe, knowledgeable and skilled aviators. Whether you just want to try a Discovery Flight or take a few lessons to see what flying is all about; or you want to take it a little further and solo an airplane or get a Private Pilot License to make yourself a more well rounded person; or you decide to pursue aviation as a career, nothing takes the place of learning the right way from day one. We will accomplish this goal with our standardized, industry leading Jeppesen curriculum broken down into three different “Stages”, our newer, lower time aircraft, FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Devices (Simulators), hand-picked professional flight instructors, state-of-the-art electronic scheduling and friendly and professional customer service and support staff.

We’re excited to give Culver students and parents the best possible experience and look forward to getting to know each of you this coming summer.


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